LTC Tony Bare (ret) DPT, ATC, OCS

Thinking on Your Feet:
A Continuing Education course for Physical Therapists

Course Description:

Learn from one of the nation’s clinical expert and finally, truly understand lower extremity biomechanics in a functional and clinically applicable system that will allow you to more efficiently and effectively treat all manner of lower extremity pathology and dysfunction.


Upcoming Course Dates/Locations

Course Date: February 1-2nd   2020
Course Location: Hands on Physical Therapy
                             4016 Laramie Street
                             Cheyenne, WY

Interested in hosting?  Please email  We offer a variety of options to help bring this course to you! 

In this course you will learn:

  • Comprehensive gait analysis
  • Common lower extremity compensation strategies and associated pathologies
  • Common lower extremity mal-alignments
  • Treatment options:  Orthotic Rx, Exercise application, taping methods
  • Why research has failed to support orthotic efficacy and why custom “arch supports” are doomed to failure as an expensive treatment option.

 Every therapist has had that hip, knee or foot patient who continues to have pain in spite of every treatment technique and excellent patient compliance…after this course you will understand why those symptoms stayed chronic and/or recurrent.

Cost:  $350   16 CEU hours  

SPACE IS LIMITED for this lab intensive course